Space-based TV shows you're totally missing out on

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These space-based TV shows will keep you intrigued until the very end. Check them out!

We've yet to come across someone who isn't intrigued by outer space. And as much as we love reading about it, watching movies and TV shows based on it is far more exhilarating. It feels like an escape from reality! Discovering what lies in the unknown, the concept of time in outer space, the technology they use, makes us feel like anything and everything is possible. Call us naive but this almost feels magical, the probability that there's something out there that we can't possibly comprehend.

Is there life on Mars? How dark does it really get up there? What would no gravity feel like? What's it like to be in the middle of nowhere with just stars for company? There are so many questions we're left with after watching any space-based movie and now it's hard to be satisfied with answers that aren't integrated into a kick-ass storyline, beautiful graphics, thought-through dialogues, and a fabulous cast. In spite of the number of movies and series made on outer space, each of them brings you something new to ponder on.

These TV shows make us want to take the next flight out to the closest spaceship and experience this for ourselves! Check them out for yourself!


Lost in Space

The Mandalorian

Star Trek Picard

Doctor Who

Another Life

The Expanse



Which of these will you be binging on this weekend? Tell us in the comments below!

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