IPL 2024 breaks boundaries with these creative brand-creator collaborations!

Piyush Singh
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IPL 2024 has united brands and creators in the most interesting way possible. Here are some standout collaborations that have been lighting up our feeds! 

People celebrate events like the Indian Premier League (IPL) like a festival in India and just its mention is enough to start the conversations. Following last year's team-up, we're witnessing an exciting surge in creator collaborations adding a delightful twist to the game. Some of the most well-known creators on the internet are joining forces with cricketing giants and teams to give us the most unexpected collaborations. ICC and Meta formed the ultimate dream team of 500 influencers that turned out amazing, proving the magic that happens when creativity and sports collide. And let's not forget how brands are jumping on the bandwagon, turning up the fun-o-meter.

With an extra layer of excitement to the mix, they are elevating the viewing experience for fans. Amidst all the excitement, brands and creators are unleashing their creativity in ways that force a double take from even the most seasoned cricket fan! Some creators are on the ground, capturing the electric atmosphere of live matches while others are strutting their stuff in TV ads. Meanwhile, viral content collaborations sweep social media, as creators join forces with well-known cricketers to create content. Additionally, we witness a delightful fusion of cricket and comedy, where creators infuse their signature humour into cricket-themed content, providing a refreshing take on the sport. While the excitement won't end anytime soon, let's look at brand-creator collaborations adding fun to our feeds. 

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Let's raise a virtual toast to the creators and brands making the IPL even more interesting:

Taran Singh X Alpenliebe India 

Viraj Ghelani X Dream 11

Karan Sonawane X Jio Cinema 

Aashish Solanki, Shashi Dhiman X Jio Cinema

Ankita Sahigal X Jio Cinema 

Sidhant Sarfare X Dream 11 

Saurabh Ghadge X Dream 11 

Ajey Nagar X Star Sports

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