Srishti Dixit: A comedic genius and a witty creator

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Srishti Dixit: A comedic genius and a witty creator

Srishti Dixit is a funny, fearless, and fabulous creator and she's using her platform to influence people.

The talent pool on social media is so big that we all can find something we relate to. We come across a number of creators daily but only a few are able to grab our attention and Srishti Dixit aka Srishti Patch is one of them. From starting her career writing for BuzzFeed to being a social media sensation, Srishti has done it all in such a short span. But out of everything she's achieved today, her retable content and humour are what make her stand out. She can take up the most mundane part of our everyday lives and make it interesting with her satire which sometimes makes us want to be a better observer.

Apart from her work in the entertainment industry, Srishti is also known for her advocacy on social issues. She is a vocal supporter of mental health awareness, body positivity, and feminism, and has used her platform to bring attention to these issues. It's empowering and entertaining to watch her combining comedy with awareness in her content. She has collaborated with many other influencers and Bollywood celebrities and "there is content in everything, if you look closely" is what Srishti's Instagram stands for.

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On her birthday, here's some of her content that we're loving RN!

Happy Birthday, Srishti!

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