Srivalli from Allu Arjun's latest film, Pushpa is taking over Instagram Reels

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Trying to perfect the steps or making it a part of the local train journey, Javed Ali's latest song Srivalli is the latest trend of the town.

Who is not bored to death with each rising wave of COVID-19? Every person who is on social media makes it a point to find themselves on Reels. Instagram Reels has undoubtedly become the fifth aspect of the basic necessity chain. We cannot live without having a five-minute work break scrolling through them. The vast sea of entertaining content and latest trends only makes it difficult for us to not spend more time on the app. And one such trend that has us all 'dragging our leg' back to the app is Javed Ali's song Srivalli.

The song that continues to ring in our ears is from Allu Arjun's latest movie Pushpa. The pan-India venture hit the theatres early last month and has become a hit among the audience. Apart from the mass dialogues, the one thing that struck a chord among the fans is the song, Srivalli. The song features Allu Arjun and Rashmi Mandana and happens to be the romantic number from the movie. The actor, known as the stylish superstar is also an incredible dancer. He appears as someone who's completely opposite to that image in the movie. And despite that, he has managed to create a hook step that has now become a popular trend among social media users. The simple dragging the leg step is the latest trend that keeps popping up on our screens. Originally sung by Sid Sriram, the song that has become a trend is the version sung by Javed Ali. People have tried to keep sharing their own creative version of the same, putting the hook step in any and every scenario. From daily household mishaps to performing the hook step to deal with the local train journey, creators are giving us all the versions and we are loving it.

Check out these videos:

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