Five reasons why making checklists is a good idea

Aishwarya Iyer
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While making a checklist is helpful, it can be fun too; here are some of the reasons why you have to make your own checklist now!

There are so many things we want to do throughout the day or in life, yet, at some point, we realize that we missed out on a couple of things. Either we forget or get tied up with other kinds of stuff with eventually blaming ourselves for not able to deliver the promises we made. It’s not like we don’t have the potential, it’s the application we fail at.

This is where ‘Checklists’ is bound to make an entrance. Checklists are a great tool to help us organize our day or your piece of work, that are designed to reduce errors and ensure consistency in doing everything. People feel it’s an additional task, but no, it’s a task to lessen your burden.

Here are five reasons why making Checklists can be helpful:

You can be punctilious: As the saying goes, ‘To err is to human’ which means it’s normal to make mistakes; you are only human! However, if you have a task set in mind – and if you need to achieve it, you have to be meticulous and time-efficient too. With having too many things on your plate, it won’t be possible. Writing it down, as your checklist, can free that unnecessary space off your head with you successfully pulling off all the tasks.


Giving it your own style: People often think checklists are only for people who have way too much stuff to do. Wrong, checklists can be basic too if that’s how you prefer them. From groceries to things to read, and to planning your whole life ahead, checklists can be anything and everything!


Kick out confusion and distraction: When you know what is to be done next, there is no space for confusion. Likewise, when you know in what order everything is done, and in what time frame – distraction is basically kicking it off itself out of your life.


More focus, better results: With confusion and distraction whispering adieu, you will be able to do your stuff with better focus. When there is 100 percent focus, there is a 100 percent result. If you focus effectively, you think effectively.


Mental satisfaction: With things getting down systematically, you will be checking off things from your checklist! With every ‘tick’, you will feel joy and satisfaction of doing something you longed for so long. This can enhance your self-confidence, keep you motivated for more, and provide a dopamine-effect to your brain.


Tell us about your 'checklist' journey below!

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