Things every BFF does so you can stay away from your ex

Aanchal Mohta
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stay away from your ex.

If your best friend has helped you move on, you’ll find this more relatable than ever. Check out the things every best friend does so you can stay away from your ex.

Best friends are one of the most precious people in our lives. They are those rare human beings with whom we are ready to share anything and everything. Their presence is annoying but their absence is even worse. They’ve seen you at your worst and still think you’re the best. Best friends are an ultimate gem and blessing in disguise. You fight like siblings, scold each other like parents but most importantly, live like family. Not surprising that they have a big role to play in keeping you away from your ex. They’ve literally done everything possible to cheer you up. I’m sure you’ll find this relatable AF if your BFF has helped you stay away from your ex.

Take a look:

1. Never lets you drink alone so that you don’t have a BT


2. Keeps your phone away when you’re drunk

3. Becomes your wingman whenever you say someone’s looking cute

4. Blocks their Social media ids

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5. Remove their contact from your list

6. Sit quietly and listen to your nagging

7. Tell you that you can do a million times better

8. Plans a day out so that you can forget your ex

Life's better with our best friends beside us!, isn't it?

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