Today, we talk to one of the newest members in content creation, Steffy Sunny, who’s creating laughs with her mallu mom videos.

There are instances and moments we experience in our household that are somehow similar and relatable to every Indian. We can’t shake off that feeling of how relieved we feel when we realize that there are people out there who have to deal with the ‘parent drama’ just like we do. Indian creator, Steffy Sunny is doing the same and making the Indian-struggling-children community happy with her relatable videos.

Steffy believes in one philosophy, ‘Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get.’ She is among the few who have risen to fame in a small span because of the quality of her content. She realized that the small nuances from everyday life made for the perfect content that can make people feel ‘me too’. And this idea has connected with her audience making her a crowd favorite.

If you belong to a mallu household and especially a Catholic one, you’d know the struggles of being at home on Sunday. You won’t be spared for not going to the Palli (Church) with your mother and Steffy is making sure every Mallu knows that she recognizes this struggle. Turns out the incident that encouraged Steffy to start her content creation journey was an argument with her mother over accompanying her to church. “After hours of heated arguments, I had a revelation on sorts. ‘Why don’t I make videos about these instances?’ Because that was something almost all Malayalis can relate to.”

Making people laugh is an art that needs real talent. Some people are born hilarious who can turn any interactions into their own stage. And for Steffy, the person who inspires her to want to make people laugh is her father. She admits that he’s an expert in social interactions. She says, “He did make sure that whoever he’s meeting he makes them laugh with his hilarious stories. So that kind of inspired me to make people laugh because that’s the best thing you can give to someone else.”

Steffy may find her inspiration from her father but she makes these videos based on her mom. Steffy has made sure to show these videos to her mom and recalled getting a very middle-class reply to it. “She is not very good at commenting. So she just asked whether I can make money out of these videos or not because you know in a middle-class family that’s all matters.”

When asked what she thinks her amma would have said to Mercy aunty about your social media success, Steffy says, “(Laughs) She always says ‘itna famous hoke kya faida jab tak tum har din time se prayer nahi karte ho and mumy ka kehna nahi mante ho!!”

It took some research and help from her friends to create her own style that helped her create content that was different from the rest. “While I was experimenting with various characters, my friend Adharsh Nair guided me well with all the aspects of Instagram and how to grab the attention of the audience. He told me to pick one character i.e Mallu mother which every Mallu can relate to and voila! That worked so well.”

She also recalled some DMs that she has been receiving overtime after she started posted on a regular basis. One DM that stays with her is the one that says “I lost my mother but seeing your videos feels like seeing my mother again.“ She also remembers another one that says “Whenever I’m having a bad day, I just open your Insta handle and watch your videos again on loop.”

Creating content has turned out quite well for the protege and we cannot wait to watch what else she has to offer. Like she appreciated people recognizing her work, she also enjoys the one put up by her fellow creators. She mentioned her love for Kusha Kapila and hopes that she can collaborate with her in the future.

If you haven’t checked out her content yet, you should do it RN!

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