If you are looking for a reason to smile, Hunter Prosper’s ‘Stories from a stranger’ series is probably the sign you needed.

Every day we meet strangers, some on our daily commute to work, in the park, and some at our favorite cafe. How often do we wonder about the stories that each of them has to share? Through his TikTok series ‘Stories from a stranger’, Hunter Prosper has been reaching out to strangers he meets and he documents their stories. He’s collecting some of the most beautiful, inspiring, heartfelt stories and sharing them with the world.

Hunter has over 2.5 million followers on TikTok. He began the series in 2021 and it soon became a hit among the netizens. The love that this series is receiving online shows that it’s the kind of positivity that people are seeking today. This series reiterates that every individual has their own unique story. It shows how every person may be different but also alike in many ways.

Hunter’s series connects with the audience as he talks to strangers as an encouragement to the people. He talks to them about their first love, why they fell in love, or a piece of advice they live by. And each stranger has a beautiful and inciting story to share. It’s enough to turn any sad day into a happy one!

Check it out!

Hope these stories have inspired you!

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