Story-reeling has made its space on Instagram trends!

Piyush Singh
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Story-reeling has made its space on Instagram trends!

Story-reeling is the trend to dive in if you too love stories with plot twists!

Storytelling is all about how you keep your audience hooked with each reveal. Nobody reads a story if they're not feeling the urge to know what is going to happen next. Storytellers have evolved, adapted, and improved their way of telling stories to stand out and a new concept of storytelling aka story-reeling has caught our attention.

People are using this trend to share their personal stories which are short, crisp, dark and fun to read. What is common in all these stories? Well they all keep you hooked up with neverending twists. You must have been in situations where you think the conversation is over but then, the other person comes up with something even bigger? Well, that was the best way to explain this trend where people say a sentence, the music starts to fade and the audience thinks it's over, but then they come up with something even darker.

If you are into dark humour and are looking for dank stories, here's a trend that may catch your attention!

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Check them out!

Any plans of trying this new trend?

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