Sulagna Chatterjee talks about queer content and what it has blessed us with

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Sulagna Chatterjee

Check out what Sulagna Chatterjee has to say about queer content and what all it has blessed us with

The year 2020 was a lot of things and was a lot in general too. But, for all the negatives it three our way, there are many positives that kept us going during this pandemic, good and engaging content being on of them. 2020 was a great year for new talent and new styles of storytelling. The one genre that is yet to find its footing among the Indian audience and more importantly, content producers is Queer content. We asked Sulagna Chatterjee to reflect on the year, with respect to queer content, to which she herself contributed as a screenwriter on Dice Media's Firsts (Season 3).

How do you think 2020 has been for queer content and on-screen representation?

2020, as a year in itself, has been a bag filled mixed emotions. On a global level, I think that we've come a long way in representing queerness in a subtle, beautiful and almost nuanced manner. While Indian studios and producers still continue to include queerness in a manner where it's still from an exceptionally cis-het gaze, the global content has been truly heart-warming. The global creators have trailblazed the path for inclusivity in a manner that doesn't seem forced, and is yet mainstream and commercial. So, while the year has been a 2/10, the queer representation has been a solid 7/10 for sure.

What are some of the best pieces of queer content (India and Global) from 2020 that you've loved?

Without a doubt, it has to be Dani and Jamie from The Haunting of Bly Manor. It's almost wholesome - a word that you surely wouldn't associate with "horror" show. The awkwardness, the giddiness, the slow and gradual falling in love, all of it is extremely nuanced and leaves the audience wanting for more. And giving that a tough competition is the Happiest Season. I've cried and I've yearned to watch that film. The complexities of coming out, the sheer complexities of as a queer woman in the world has been beautifully potrayed in it without once seeming to be forced or patronizing. And obviously Schitt's Creek. While that's not a necessity a "2020" piece of content, it's the most heart-warming piece of content thta one can keep going back in.

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