Indulge in these summer skincare routines suggested by beauty influencers and be ready for summer!

Summers are the time when we get to make plans and go on trips with our buds. It is also the time when our skin and body need the utmost care. After all everyone wishes for healthy and supple skin, right? Especially during summers, since the weather is hot and humid our skin needs that extra care and love. While we focus on eating healthy, exercising to give our body the essential care we often tend to forget our skin that is also affected by the change in weather and humidity. Scrolling through the ‘gram we are always intimidated by bloggers and influencers who have that blemish-free and smooth skin, leaving us wondering how they manage to do that. While we are all in a place where we can’t go outside, it has opened up an opportunity for us to indulge in some skincare routines. Take a look at these summer skincare tips by our favourite beauty influencers.

Check out these summer skincare tips:

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1. Wash your face 2. Clean your Face with Raw Milk ( dip a cotton ball in raw milk and use it all over your face ) Keep it for 10 minutes and then face your face with water. 3. Face Mask ( Gram flour, turmeric, honey ) Apply it for 15-20 minutes and once it is dry scrub your face in circular motion for 5 – 10 minutes and then wash it off with water. 4. Apply Toner / Face Mist ( I repeat it twice ) 5. Apply Sunscreen ( I mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in my sunscreen ) 6. Streax Hair Serum ( use your favourite hair serum ) 7. Do your eyebrows ( pluck the extra hair ) 8. Apply your favourite lip balm ( I’m using the biotique lip balm ) 9. Use Face Mist if you want !! Taadaaaa !! Hope y’all will love this quarantine morning skin care routine ! For more such tips and homemade recipes and makeup and skin care videos follow me on Instagram @ruchita.ghag Thank y’all ??❤️ #ruchitaghag #skincare #skincarewithruchitaghag #bestfacemask #bestfacepack #turmericcurd #facepack #facemask #softsuppleskin #glowingskin #glowingskincare #bestskincare #naturalremedies #naturalhomemadeskincare #naturalhomemaderemedies #bestandaffordable #bestandaffordableskincare #amazingskin #summerskincare #summerbaby #quarantineskin #quarantineandchill #quarantineskincareroutine #qurantineskincare #summerskincare #summerskincaretips

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