Fans can finally 'Carry On' as they say good bye to Supernatural after 15 years

Smrithi Mohan
Nov 20, 2020 13:34 IST

Check out the happy, sad and angry reaction of fans to the popular fantasy-drama Supernatural coming to an end after 15 years of its running.

When you watch a show for 15 years, it becomes a part of your life and the characters your family. The popular fantasy-drama and The CW’s longest-running series Supernatural, based on two brothers carrying out their hunt for monsters across countries finally came to an end on Thursday. Through its 15 years of run, the show talked about everything from saving the innocents to stoping an Apocalypse to even fighting God himself. Apart from all the monsters and fights, the show also talked about various entertaining and terrifying themes on family and self-identity.

While it has been receiving love for over a decade the finale of the show, however, left the fans a bit upset. Spoiler alert, considering how Dean dies in the end. It was not something that the fans expected it to be. They have been sharing the sadness over the show coming to an end along with their anger against the show writers for giving it such an end.

Take a look at these fan reactions to the finale of Supernatural:

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