We can't wait to see a spin-off show or movie of these supporting characters!

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Is Creed the 'Stranton strangler'? Does Shanky spend his summer advising friends? We have so many questions about these supporting characters who we want to see a spin-off show or movie about.

The best part of any show or movie is the story for sure but the reason it becomes our favorite is more than the plot. It's the characters who make us want to keep watching it. We go in for the leads who appear in the posters and leave the theatre hooked on their individual storylines. The story revolves around them and they get the most screen time but while watching content we also fall in love with supporting characters. In fact, very often they become the reason we recommend the show to our peers.

Every story deserves a well-written character. For any lead character to become important, interesting, and worth our time is when they're supported by a strong line-up of the cast. Supporting characters may sound like they don't matter, but most of our favorite shows wouldn't stand a chance without these incredible characters and their multifaceted personalities. Most of the time these characters are so interestingly written that as fans all we can wonder is what their standalone show or movie would look like. And there's no denying that we'd love to watch a spin-off show made on them solely! They seem so intriguing that we want to know their story and the life they have apart from the lead's life.

You can't deny that you've imagined what Creed's life from The Office actually looks like outside the office when he's not sleeping in the office and treating it as his free home that is. What were Katekar's (Scared Games) life struggles like before he met Sartaj Singh? Why did Eddie from Stranger Things never get to have his year (also, because we miss him and we need more of him)? We made a list of some of these fan favorites whom we can't wait to know more about!

Check them out!

Vigilante - The Peacemaker

Chellam sir - The Family Man

Katekar - Sacred Games

Black Noir or Mother's Milk - The Boys

Eddie - The Stranger Things

Lyanna Mormont - Game of Thrones

Cheeni - Patal Lok

Jaskier - The Witcher

Scar - The Lion King

Nairobi - Money Heist

T-Boi - Pushpavalli

Okoye or the Dora Milaje - Black Panther

Ellie - You

Shanky - Yeh Meri Family

Ramesh Gupta - Made In Heaven


Titus - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Creed - The Office

Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds

Mindy - Emily In Paris

Pogo - The Umbrella Academy

Castiel - Supernatural

Lydia - Handmaid’s Tale

Which supporting character would you like to see a spin-off show/movie on? Let us know in the comments below.

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