5 supportive dads in queer films and shows that show you what queer parenting should look like!

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5 supportive dads in queer films and shows that show you what queer parenting should look like!

These onscreen supportive dads are definitely getting an A+ in queer parenting!

I grew up in a very homophobic household where I wasn't able to express myself the way I wanted. It was like all of the things that I did were monitored and structured by my parents. When you are queer, all you want is someone to understand you. Acceptance becomes secondary when someone just understands you, tbh! We've seen so many queer stories where family don't accept the child for being who they are. And thankfully, over the years, we've also come across stories that portray queer parenting in the most beautiful way. Like the dad from Moonlight who started up a conversation about being gay and also pointing out that no one should call his son f*ggot; that showed matured parenting that we all deserve in our lives. In the honor of such amazing dads, here are five supportive dads who aced queer parenting!

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Call Me By Your Name

One of the most beautiful scenes from Call Me By Your Name is the conversation between Elio and Mr. Perlman that takes place towards the end of the movie. Mr. Perlman feels there is something off with Elio and that's when he goes to him to comfort him by saying "Look, you had a beautiful friendship, maybe more than a friendship, and I envy you" which made him feel seen and loved.


Love, Simon

Sometimes only a few words are all that we need to give us hope in life again. And sometimes we need Simon's dad to tell us "I wouldn't change anything about you". The entire movie just makes you fall in love with yourself. What stood out most for me was the way both parents steer the situation around Simon's sexuality.


XO, Kitty

Recently released XO, Kitty had one of the best representations in terms of being queer. Not just the main characters but even the parents got an A+ on queer parenting. This specific scene where Kitty is panicking about her sexuality while she is talking to her dad on call and her dad is worried more about how she's doing than her sexual orientation.


We don't see a lot of trans representation in movies and shows but when I watched Cowboys, it changed the way I see trans people. The movie captured one beautiful scene between a child and his dad that deserved attention. When Joe, the son, comes out to his dad, he has to explain things, but eventually, his dad gets it, and helps his son become who he truly is.



This Oscar-winning movie openly talked about queer issues and the stigma within the community. Moonlight tackled the conversation between a son and a dad in the most real way and that's what connected more to other queer folks. Because of his bullies, when the son asks his dad "What's a f*ggot?" and further asks if he is one, his dad patiently replies to him saying, "No, you could be gay, but don't let nobody call you no f*ggot." This movie was truly a cinematic experience for queer kids.


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