Mumbai’s lungs are being chopped down by cutting down trees in Aarey forest while sentencing 29 citizens to judicial custody. Supreme court ordered a status quo.

Aarey forest located in Mumbai, Maharashtra is a wide ecosystem that is part of the Sanjay Gandhi National park with its own wide and rich biodiversity. With trees that have been part of the forest for over a hundred years, Aarey is the green lung of Mumbai that contributes to keeping the city’s air clean and saving the ecosystem.

Aarey forest has been in danger since the government decided to opt for development over the environment. Various environmentalist, activists, organisations, students and citizens have been fighting towards this noble cause of protecting Aarey forest that the government intends to cut down in order to make way for a new Metro car shed.

However, on the 4th of October, 1800 trees were cut down by the officials at night. The police also arrested 29 activists. They detained them up until 3 am without any charges. The police charged them with cognisable offences later in the morning.

People shared their unhappiness on Twitter.

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However, the Supreme Court on 7th October passed an order demanding the government to stop any further felling of trees until the next hearing on October 21st.