It is Thiruvalluvar day today and the Tamilians are all for celebrating their beloved poet and philosopher who inspired many over the years.

Tamil Literature prides itself on Thiruvalluvar, most commonly known as Valluvar. He is a celebrated Tamil poet and philosopher. He is best known for his work as an author of Tirukkuṟaḷ, a collection of couplets on ethics, political and economical matters, and love. The text is considered to be a remarkable work and is a widely cherished work of Tamil literature.

Scholars of Tamil literature shares that almost no authentic information is available about Valluvar. Whatever that we know about his life and background is inferred from his literary works by different biographers. Very little is known with certainty and clarity about his family background, religious affiliation, or birthplace. There are some unauthentic hagiographic and legendary accounts of Valluvar’s life. And it is said that all major Indian religions, as well as Christian missionaries of the 19th century, have tried to claim him as secretly inspired or originally belonging to their tradition. He is believed to have hailed from the town of Mylapore, and based on the traditional accounts and the linguistic analyses of his writings he is dated to be flourishing from 4th century BCE to early 5th century CE.

Valluvar has seemed to have influenced and inspired a wide range of scholars. Down the ages since his time across the genres of ethical, social, political, economic, religious, philosophical, and spiritual spheres. He has long been idolized as a great sage, and his literary works are the works of a classic in Tamil culture. He is beloved and to date today is an inspiration to all. His works seem to surpass the ages and seem relevant today just as it was back then.

Look at here for some of the tributes to the inspiring poet by people on Twitter.

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