Tanya Balchandani's #NavratriwithTanya makeup series is everything you need to glam up this festive season

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Check out these incredible makeup series #NavratriwithTanya by Indian beauty influencer Tanya Balchandani as she adds her magic to this festive season.

There is a special kind of respect that people who can do makeup have been receiving, special thanks to all our beauty and makeup gurus. They have shown the world all the hard work that goes into creating that perfect look. Following and perfecting all the processes to achieve that flawless look has been able to give others a new perspective on the art itself. If there's someone who has made a notable name in this digital space with the kind of content she creates it's Tanya Balchandani.

Tanya has caught users' eyes with her mindboggling transition videos. Set on every beat to gradually reveal the final look, the beauty creator has been able to make makeup as entertaining as it can get for the audience. It is impossible to take our eyes off or be even the slightest bit bored considering how interesting the whole video she creates is. For two years now, she has been sharing her makeup looks during the festive season. Navratri is a festival that always gets people excited to go all out and have fun with the people they love. Following a colour theme for four days, getting ready and dancing all night makes the festival something to look forward to. And Tanya has been joining the fun in her own way possible. She has been keeping up with all nine days. Keeping the excitement in check, the #NavratriwithTanya makeup series has become her followers' favourite part of this festive season.

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We had a chat with her to know about her excitement for this season and here's what she had to share:

What is your fondest memory of Navratri?

I get to meet all my cousins and chill with them, munch on the Navratri special fasting snacks and dance to some nice OG garba songs.

What would be the toughest part of trying to complete your #NavratriwithTanya makeup series?

I have been doing the #NavratriWithTanya series for 2 years now which makes 4 series as I post content for both Navratri seasons that fall in a year. The toughest part about it is creating something new in every single Reel. After a point, it just feels like I have tried everything and there comes a creative block. So crossing that block and successfully creating something different every time is quite tough. 

Skincare that you follow before and after your Navratri makeup looks?

I make sure that I do not miss my CTM routine and as soon as I’m done with the shoot, I quickly double cleanse and remove the makeup and follow up with my skincare routine.

What is the one thing that excites you about the festival?

#NavratriWithTanya series is the most exciting part about Navratri for me. Creating Reels daily for nine days, entertaining people, and growing with their love is the most thrilling part.

Do you find following all nine days tedious?

Not at all! Hectic yes, tedious not at all. It's all very exciting and fast-moving. I have to plan the reel, organize the outfits/props, shoot, edit, and make sure it's good enough to post. Sometimes things go wrong but you take it in a spirit and there is no time to dwell on it and you get into fixing mode. It is all very exciting and the cherry on top is when the followers appreciate it and notice even the smallest of details, which makes it all worth it.

Where do you look for inspiration when it comes to deciding on a final look?

Being a full-time content creator, most of my time goes into scrolling on my phone, looking for inspiration. The colour of the particular day, outfit, jewellery and once everything is sorted, it becomes easy for me to decide the look, the idea always comes on the spot with some help from my mom.

Which day's look are you most excited to share with your followers?

Last day! When all the looks come together and it's a final reveal. It's like making a puzzle one day at a time and zooming out, in the end, to look at the broader picture and it all connects.

Happy Navratri! We hope Tanya's looks help you.

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