Tarini Peshawaria shared some Indian-origin skincare products and tips that need our attention this winter!

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Tarini Peshawaria shared some Indian-origin skincare products and tips that need our attention this winter!

Winter is coming and so is sensitive skin! Tarini Peshawaria gives her tips that will help us maintain healthy skin during this harsh season and pick the right skincare products.

While a lot of people are conscious about their physical health, we often ignore the well-being of our skin. From forgetting to moisturize during winter to sleeping with our makeup on, we've all made mistakes related to our skin at some point or the other. Such mistakes will negatively affect the health of our skin in the long term but it's never too late to start caring for it and having a skincare routine as simple as washing your face properly and using a few right products can do wonders.

Choosing makeup is a lot easier as you can blindly go with any brand that matches your skin tone but that's not the case when it comes to buying skincare. You can't just choose any product. You need something that aligns with the needs of your skin. Usually, many of us often find ourselves confused when it comes to an understanding the right product for our skin. This is the kind of situation where we like to look for recommendations from people who know better. Beauty and lifestyle influencer, Tarini Peshawaria is known for her expertise in skincare and she recently shared a video of affordable Indian-origin effective skin care products.

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Check out her amazing product recommendations!

She also suggested these tips about winter skincare!

Why is skincare important during winter?

Skincare is important all year long, frankly. But in the winter months, it’s even more crucial because of the lack of moisture in the environment which can lead to dryness and flaky skin. This can also trigger other issues like eczema, premature aging, and a compromised skin barrier.

What are the basic skincare essentials during winter?

My first and foremost recommendation is obvious but moisturizing is key. Look for moisturizers with emollients and fats like ceramides which build the skin barrier. Secondly, add humectants to your skincare routine. I personally think that ingredients like niacinamide and glycerin work very well in serums and creams both and keep the skin supple and hydrated. Thirdly, adding an extra layer of oils such as hemp seed oil and rosehip oil can greatly benefit the skin in the nighttime routine. And fourthly but most importantly, religiously apply your sunscreen even in the winter to prevent UV damage!

How can one know what goes well for their skin while buying products?

Skincare is very subjective and a patch test is always recommended. What might work for me may work or not work for someone else. I think as a consumer one needs to educate themselves about ingredients and learn to differentiate facts from marketing myths. Like I always say in my content, ‘do your own research’ before a purchase.

I think most of us are becoming savvier when it comes to reading labels. The general rule of thumb for me is to look out for ‘fragrance-free’ skincare since 3-4% of the population could be allergic to it. One should also read the first 5-10 ingredients of the skincare - those ingredients are the highest ingredients in the product and it’s a red flag if those ingredients tend me alcohol or perfume. That just means you’re applying a bunch of irritants!

How can one deal with common skin problems during winters like dry skin, chapped lips, dehydrated skin, windburn and others?

I am a fan of slugging in the winter to deal with common issues like chapped lips and dehydrated skin! Slugging is a skincare technique of slathering the face or undereye area or lips etc with a thick ointment or petroleum jelly overnight. This helps with transepidermal water loss while sleeping deeply nourishes the skin or lips and in turn prevents fine lines. This is a really inexpensive way to seal the moisture into your skin and add that glow.

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