Teachers spend years sowing seeds in the hope to make fine adults. They deserve appreciation, much like the prosperous gold roses of the Highgarden!

If you have ever been a student, you would surely recall at least one teacher who taught you beyond what the books said. That human transformed your life. Olenna Tyrell might not have been mighty found of the overdose of the gold roses she had to endure, but she knew the strength they bestowed upon her. They symbolised hope, prosperity and humility like none other. Here are a few such stories, served fresh from the Twitterverse where teachers proved to be much like the gold roses of the Highgarden!

Brilliant pedagogy!

A jar full of rewards

Inking words go a long way

Points of kindness

Learning the comprehensive way

Never forget the basics

Design 101: To learn as you go

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Change is coming!

Math can be fun? Math can be fun!

Of course, it all comes back