A billion broken hearts, dreams shattered, a sad day for Indians indeed as our World Cup Campaign reached a dead end.

Indian Fans might have been disappointed with the outcome but one should respect the Men in Blue for fighting it out till the end in their endeavor to bring the cup home.

As they say winning and losing is a part and parcel of the game and they might not have made the cut tonight, we see support and sympathy pouring in across social media platforms.

Sir Ravindra Jadeja and MS Dhoni received special praise, love and cheer as they played hard to give a tough fight back, put India back in the game by adding over 100 runs at the seventh wicket.

When India’s Top and Middle Order Batsmen fell apart like a pack of cards, the lower middle order held the fort till the end.

In the post match conference Virat Kohli accepted the defeat gracefully.

“The first half, we were very, very good. We got what we needed at that point. We thought we had restricted New Zealand to a chaseable score but the way they came out with the ball was what made the difference. The game pretty much changed in those first 40 minutes when we were batting,”

“It’s tough, 45 minutes of bad cricket put you out of the tournament. It’s hard to come to terms with but New Zealand deserve it, they put us under pressure and came through in the key moments,”

“Difficult to take it – but New Zealand deserve it. Our shot selection could have been better, but we played a good standard of cricket throughout. New Zealand were braver in crunch situations and they deserve it,” Virat said at the match presentation ceremony.

From Ministers, Celebrities to almost everyone, took to Twitter to support and stand with Team India, after the heart breaking loss.

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Though this campaign ended on a sad note and there is nothing we can do about it let’s us all start preparing for #T20WorldCup.

Cover Picture Image Source: BCCI