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Teenasai Balamu

If you haven't listened to any songs by Teenasai Balamu, you're definitely missing out on something! Here's a list of their songs for your next playlist.

There is nothing more enchanting and soothing than sitting down and listening to your favorite songs! While the whole idea of music has changed over the years, given how it's no longer only about Bollywood songs, we've seen many talented independent artists who are producing amazing music in India. This number of indie artists keeps increasing and we're not complaining. No amount of good music and soundtracks are enough and having all these talented artists get their recognition only promotes and celebrates good art. Teenasai Balamu aka Grape Guitar Box belongs to this list of new-age music artists, we're currently crushing on.

Teenasai is the perfect example of a new-age music artist. Their husky and soothing voice can easily cure any broken heart. They will leave you wondering why you haven't come across their content before. An indie, pop, and alternative singer-songwriter, Teenasai has written their own songs apart from sharing their cover versions. They wrote, arranged, and composed their first EP with a total of 6 tracks called OUT. Each song from their EP is the perfect mix of love, serenity, and solitude and makes for the perfect playlist songs. We made a list of their songs that might end up becoming your next favourite!

Check it out!

Songs from her debut EP - OUT

Their cover songs that are as charming as the original:

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