The fluffy and cute relationship between Thai bl dramas and beaches will make you feel super single. Check them out!

Single or in love, we always want to cry over the moments couples share on screen, the cute little things they do for each other are just too adorable to handle. After living in a heteronormative society and seeing heterosexual couples in love for years, there’s something about seeing queer couples on screen and then finally getting to see the love they deserve; this makes me so emotional. Queer love stories are portrayed in a positive manner, and they show healthy relationships while tackling the unhealthy portrayal of couples in other shows. This makes sure that audiences don’t feel uncomfortable watching the show. And Thai bl dramas are exactly this! They’ve been giving us content we all crave for.

The representation of queer love is so less in the Indian entertainment industry, whereas Thai dramas have a whole other genre of such love stories that they call ‘boy love’ aka bl. I love how the Thai entertainment industry has created a different universe for boy love dramas and has given a safe space for such stories that we otherwise ignore when queer characters are just the “sidekick” to the story.

While watching beach scenes in bl’s got us thirsty and our hearts beating fast, there are tons of cute moments that will definitely make you feel salty about your own love life. From holding hands while they walk on the beach late at night to having some serious “us” conversations or even the subtle making out while the show’s OST plays in the background gives us all the feels and puts us in a different mood!

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Until we meet again

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