That's Not My Name: Celebrities and creators join in this new trend

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That's Not My Name

What's in a name? Creators and celebrities ask the same as they join this new trend, 'That's Not My Name' and share a list of names they're known by.

We cannot talk for the people from the west, but people in India are quite familiar with the tradition of having multiple names for one person. While we're given a name when we're born, it's definitely not the one that sticks given how many different things we're called over the course of our lives! It's common for us to be known by a nickname and easier for us to compartmentalize each of these different parts of our lives according to them. And the fact that a single person has different names has now become a popular social media trend. Talk about anything and everything becoming a trend nowadays! 'That’s Not My Name’ is growing on people and we just can't open Instagram and not watch someone make a video on this viral trend.

Even though we have commoners doing the trend, it actually began as sort of an effort by a Gen X celeb to connect with the Gen Z audience on the popular short-video format platform. Celebrities are a part of multiple movies and they don many hats, take up many names when performing onscreen. Many of these characters end up shaping our own lives but it's also true that at times we tend to forget that the same actor can play two different characters. Many of us still cannot comprehend that it was Rachel McAdams who played both, the sweet Allie from Notebook and Regina from Mean Girls. While it's easy for every Gen Z to keep a tab of their favorite actors now through social media, they may not recognize Gen X actors who have played some iconic characters in their times.

'That’s Not My Name' trend was started by celebrities for the same and it has now become a quirky challenge that everyone loves. Hollywood actors Alicia Silverstone and Drew Barrymore were the first celebs to kick off this now-famous trend on TikTok which was soon followed by other celebrities and digital creators. The trend is created on an old alternative indie-pop song by The Ting Tings from their 2008 album We Started Nothing. And with each name, the actors are looking back at some of their well-received characters. Along with their fellow Hollywood actors, Indian actors like Deepika Padukone, Karishma Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, and others shared their versions too. As celebrities recall their roles, our digital creators have also joined in the trend of sharing the names their followers call them by or the ones that their families coined for them!

Here's our creators' take on the challenge:

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