The Euphoria magic has hit us all and these Creators Reels are proof!

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Indian creators have joined the global trend and are sharing their love for Euphoria with their creative makeup looks and sketches.

They are doing it 'For The Love.' If there is anything that both GenZ and the millennials both agree on without a debate is their love for the hit teenager drama Euphoria. The show has been able to become quite popular for its incredible story, bold characters, and pleasingly beautiful shots. Like millions who have been bingeing on the new season of the show, our very own creators have also been sharing their love for the show online through their Reels and we are totally digging it.

This Zendaya starrer is based around 17-year-old Rue from East Highland and a group of high school students. While the show takes the audience on a journey highlighting the struggles of various high schoolers with drugs, love, social media, and money as they come of age while trying to establish their identity, there is one thing that makes this show everyone's favourite. And it has to be the show's aesthetic frames. One cannot watch the show without being in awe of its picturesque shots and beautiful artistic references. The other thing that makes an important part of the show is the looks of each character. No matter how unrealistic it seems to watch a group of high schoolers turn up all decked up, the show does a convincing job in it. And we have to say, for any person who loves fashion or makeup, East Highland High School seems like the perfect place to be.

The fact that people cannot get over East Highland High School from Euphoria has led to it becoming a popular trend on social media. Last year we saw the internet going wild with their interpretation of Labrinth's song 'Still Don't Know My Name' from the show. All the glitters, sequins and artistic excellence came out as people created magic with makeup. This year too, with the release of the show's second season a new trend has taken over. The new trend has makeup bloggers trying the iconic euphoric makeup looks to them imagining how they would dress up if there were students at the school. Like everyone around the world, our creators would not stay away from sharing their take and we are happy they decided to join in. These videos are exactly what you need on a Friday night so you can find your outfit inspirations for your weekend plans.

Take a look:


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