The Adam Project review: From the makers of Arrival and Stranger Things starring Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, and more released on Match 11 on Netflix.

The Adam Project review: Science-fiction is one such genre that has always been a mix of wonderment and experiment. And makes you a child once again watching the screen in awe. While there are many variations of films under this category, space and time travel will always end up leaving a gleam in your eyes. Shawn Levy’s (stranger things, free guy) new film The Adam Project starring Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Walker Scobell, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, Catherine Keener in pivotal roles promises to do the same. But the film doesn’t go beyond being a sweet simple family entertainment that doesn’t leave you with anything and is quite forgettable.

The film follows a 12-year old young boy Adam Reed (Walker Scobell) in 2022 whose father Louis Reed (Mark Ruffalo) has recently died and he is bullied a lot in school. While there is another Adam (Ryan Reynolds) in 2050 who is fighting around in a spaceship in outer space and vanishes into a wormhole. Until one mysterious day they, both crash into each other, and hence the mystery of time travel unravels. And just like any other classic sci-fi story, they both go on a mission to stop time traveling to save the future. But they can’t do it alone hence they go back in time to 2018 to get help from their father.

When the makers of Arrival and Stranger Things come together for a film you can expect something scientific jargonish-filled bombastic thing coming your way. But Adam Project is nothing of that sort, in fact, the sci-fi is a secondary character in the film that you just have to submit to rather than to understand it. So, the entire focus of the film relies on an emotional journey of a family. From the relationship between a father and son to the one with self, and family. The entire screenplay seems like it’s written by a kid who loves space and family which makes the film a sweet simple family entertainer with a kiddish wonderment sci-fi world but not a memorable one.

But what’s interesting to note in the film is that it’s not about time travel rather than about the consequence of time travel. It’s not the future that comes back to change the past rather it’s the past and everything in-between that heals the future. While Ryan Reynolds is his usual self though a little toned down as witty, charming, and comic as grown-up Adam Reed it is the child actor, Walker Scobell with big emotive eyes who steals the show. And Mark Ruffalo as their proud geek father coming in to give a Good Will Hunting style therapy is as charming as ever. But what’s disappointing is that an amazing female cast including Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, and Catherine Keener doesn’t have much to contribute to the film.

Shawn Levy’s world of Adam Project does neither have intrigue or scientific knowledge nor intensity but just childlike wonderment about time travel, space, and a little bit of heart. And this all makes the film to be something that you can probably watch with a child but not something that will really leave an impact on you. But that doesn’t make it necessarily bad! The Adam Project is currently streaming on Netflix!

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