Amazon Prime Original, The Family Man Is Nothing Like A Typical Spy Show And We Love It

Priyanka Parmar
Sep 18, 2019 06:04 IST
New Update
The Family Man

"Everything is not how it seems to be." If you believe in this saying then you're about to get a huge virtual dose of it, thanks to Amazon Prime India's Original, The Family Man.

We've grown up watching spy thrillers custom-made for kids and adults through different levels of tech, action and glamour. We're used to the tech-savvy, suave, confident and mostly a part-time brooding loner kind of spy, aren't we? We dig the heroic stunts, admire the body-defining suits of the flirtatiously charming guy conning everyone for information or some valuable artefact. Well, since we got a special preview of The Family Man last evening, we can safely say that the show definitely packs a punch and it's evident from the first episode itself. The plotlines, the characters and the realistic approach of the story combined with well-written lines makes it all the more engaging.

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The stark difference in the treatment of a show in the spy thriller genre which usually banks on the theatrics, is commendable. Manoj Bajpayee has delivered another strong performance with ">The Family Man. His comic timing, his swift manoeuvres from the husband, the father to an agent stuck in the most intense situations in gripping. They say different isn't always good but this time, it is.

Watch the trailer:

The Family Man premieres on Amazon Prime India on 20th September 2019 and you don't want to miss this one.

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