Check out how the Internet is going crazy over The Great Khali in his comments section, raising the question of the difference between having fun and trolling.

We grew up watching huge, masked men fight it off on stage as thousands cheered for them. WWE was probably the only time when our dads allowed us to watch naked men on TV, right? This show was an entertaining part of our childhood and watching these fighters today brings back a lot of memories. How can we forget the WWE trading cards that called out the gambler in all of us? The Great Khali was one reason that made the whole experience of watching the show so exciting. After all, an Indian fighter making it big, literally, on an international platform made every single one of us proud.

While Khali is no more a part of the WWE, he continues to charm his fans through his social media. It was not long ago when he decided to make his TV debut by participating in Bigg Boss. We got to see a different version of Khali there in retrospect to what we have seen so far. Today, however, people are loving his social media presence so much that they just can’t have enough of him. His videos where he hardly lip-syncs to the dialogues and songs are popular, but off late, people are going crazy over the comments on his posts. Not everyone comments on his posts, but almost everyone takes time off to read them. People are following a pattern and leaving their comments on anything and everything that he posts online. Although some of the comments are sweet and make us feel good to read them, there are also some that come across as rude. These comments can almost blur the line between being funny and troll. This has made Khali turn on the limited comments option on his posts, allowing only his followers to engage with him. Even though people might be doing it for fun, at times it also makes us wonder how messed up and mean the internet can be.

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