Vividh aka the kurta guy is back on Instagram with a brand new account and helps us understand what not to do with his introductory video!

After creating and posting content every day since February 2022, Vividh was hooked to everything content, replying to followers, answering DMs, and the work. It’s a given that this made sure that he was doing rather well on IG, thanks to its algorithm. Everything was working well for him until Instagram suspended his account randomly one day. Two months later, he’s back with a new account called thekurtaguy and in his very first video, Vividh talks about why Instagram suspended his account, what creators can do if this happens to them and what he was up to while he was waiting for his team and Instagram to sort this mess out!

Turns out, Instagram AI and the Instagram US team noticed that Vividh would use his nephew’s toy gun as a part of his fictional funny videos time and again and blocked the video and his profile along with it. Numerous emails from Instagram India and the kurta guy’s team that explained the cultural context of the videos didn’t help them change their minds. Vividh went on to further explain that creators should read Instagram’s policy rather well to avoid such mishaps. After making content creation his whole life with no time for breaks and vacations, Vividh experienced a lot of anxiety and panic while waiting for this mess to untangle, and he mentioned that therapy, friends, his online community, and family helped him cope and gave him the courage to start again.

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Check out his entire video here!

Vividh’s video works as a cautionary tale for many! So glad he’s sharing his experience and helping us understand what not to do!