The Lion King: The Verdict Is Out And We Can't Contain Our Excitement

Priyanka Parmar
Jul 10, 2019 14:23 IST
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The Lion King Review

The Lion King holds a special place in the hearts of millions of millennials and GenZ. Disney recently released the larger than life trailer of this imaginary tale. Because of which a wave of nostalgia hit everyone who grew up watching the animated series.

A special preview of the film was held for Hollywood's critics earlier this week. However, the makers of the film had an embargo on the reviews, withholding the critics, disabling them from sharing their take on the film. But, they did share a sneak peek of their review on Twitter. The Lion King is perhaps one of the biggest and graphically evolved films of 2019.

Here's what Hollywood reporters have to say about it:

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The reviews highlight that the film indeed has room for improvement. But the highs certainly outweigh the lows.

The movie premiered last evening and this cinematic experience is certainly getting all the fans excited, nostalgic and emotional all at once.

Take a look:

Meanwhile, Beyoncé dropped the song 'Spirit' from 'The Lion King' which has sent fans in frenzy:

Have you booked your tickets for #TheLionKing yet?

*Switches tabs to book tickets

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