The Indian content creator couple, Payal and Kapil aka The Little Couple is giving us major goals with their adorable and entertaining videos.

Entertainment and the love to entertain people have helped content creation grow in our country. For everyone who was looking for a platform to shine and share their talents, short video platforms gave it to them. People are willing to spend their time and appreciate individuals who are making an effort to create content that brings a smile to their faces and proving that entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes, the admirable couple, Payal and Kapil also known as The Little Couple is making us forget our worries with their engaging content.

One thing that makes the two extremely adorable is that both support each other’s passion to be their true selves online. Dwarfism never stopped Kapil and Payal from living and loving a life they always wanted. Payal also has had some difficult times. Dwarfism was tough for her. “I have always been this way. People used to stare at me, and I used to feel guilty. That is the reason why I always wanted to become famous so that the gaze would change. I wanted people to know me, and so I started making videos on TikTok,” she explains.

These online stars also met online. Their love story began on a dating app which eventually led to them getting married. Payal was the first girl Kapil started talking to on the app and even though he deleted the app, the two continued to be in touch.

Payal was always fond of being on camera. Her love for dancing found a platform when she began sharing her videos on the short video platform, TikTok. Her videos received quite some love from the people online and it encouraged her to keep sharing them online. But soon after the TikTok ban, she found it disheartening but was happy to see Reels picking up in India and shifted to the new platform to share her content.

On the day of their marriage, they made a very beautiful dance video, which later went viral over different social media platforms. “We posted our wedding video and it was all over the place even on matrimonial websites. The video currently has over 26.9 million views on it,” says Kapil. The duo later started with their YouTube channel too, where they post vlogs and dance videos. Their channel has around 100K subscribers, and people have been pouring nothing but love on their content.

While the duo has been overwhelmed with positive and happy comments that make them feel like their efforts count, they also receive negative ones. But they choose to ignore them and focus on the positive ones. ”We get more positive comments and it’s people who have pushed us this much. Although we get a couple of negative comments, our followers and fans fight with them and give replies on our behalf. So, we focus more on love,” says Payal.

“I used to worry a lot. I was scared of going out. But now that we both are together, we have become much more confident,” says Kapil. Appreciating Kapil’s presence in her life, Payal says, “It is all because of him. He has always motivated me to work harder and not give up. We are together and it’s the most beautiful thing for me.”

Payal also feels the same and says that everybody is equal. ”Don’t see us in a way that we are from another planet. Treat us like everybody and support our work.”

Aren’t they the most adorable creators on the internet?

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