Social media sensation Krutika aka TheMermaidscales attends Meta’s immersive learning initiative at Cannes Lions France

A social media sensation, Krutika, popularly known as “TheMermaidscales” by netizens, has carved a very successful niche in the digital world with her quirky, witty, and hilarious content. One of the most loved creators on Instagram with 6.5 million followers and counting, the young icon also clocks close to 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

The social media star was recently invited to be a part of the Cannes Lions Festival in France. Attending Meta’s immersive learning initiative, Krutika was introduced to the future of content creation and consumption in the Metaverse through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tools. The Metaverse has been making waves for its revolutionary ideas that could reinvent the landscape of the internet, online learning, and entertainment. Held on the 20th of June, the much-publicized Meta event was graced by over 15 popular international creators like Khaby, lan Boggz, David Suh, Cole Walliser, Nina Daniel, and Jeenie.

Not only has she organically built a sprawling army of fans, but Krutika has also etched a unique space for herself with a distinct and different voice. As the Metaverse opens up a whole new world for social media stars, TheMermaidscales will surely take over the virtual universe too! 

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