These 15 inventions from ‘Elon Musk’ will surely help in getting rid of your boredom!

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Elon Musk

Everyone in our generation knows, or rather, idealizes Elon Musk. It is well proven time and again that he is among the most intelligent and brilliant minds in the world today, and is providing us with some amazing technology. Although, when you have so many brain cells, your mind is bound to wander sometimes, isn’t it? Maybe a Twitter page where you post your ‘funny inventions’?

Twitter is full of hilarious parody accounts and one of them is of the great entrepreneur –Elon Musk. What would someone post there, you ask? Well, how about inventions that are hilarious, and some of them even weirdly useful? This interesting parody account goes by the handle @BoredElonMusk, and honestly our lives would actually be simpler if some of these ideas were turned to reality!

Check them out:

1. Caffeine and Trampoline and Stress Buster. Perfect.

2. Can you IMAGINE how comfortably you and your partner would sleep? Almost like it’s a solution for not waking up grumpy!

3. Apple users would get a lot of alarms if this was put into practice!

4. It’s not just all-talk, he’s got diagrams too!

5. It’s all lies and fake illusions in that bin. Always.

6. And saving you from the utter embarrassment.

7. Everything else on this list seems achievable, but you’re really talking crazy with this one.

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8. Also, ‘Stop over reacting and scaring your co-passenger too.’

9. That’s a BIG NO! We’d lose a major chunk of Bollywood!

10. I’m not getting up even if I’m wearing pants, so please.

11. We should install this technology in all Indian Metros!

12. Someone finally defined heaven.

13. I don’t think many people would use the neck tie app because let’s be honest, it’s hard as it is and a 50% accuracy will dip my self confidence to a new low.

14. Why? Why would you do that to anyone?

15. I would need at least 10 free movies for the subscription to be value-for-money.

Can you picture how cool our world would be if these actually became a reality? Someone should definitely work on these!

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