These Bollywood Jazz gems deserve a place in your playlist

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Bollywood Jazz gems

These songs have the perfect mix of sensuality, erotica, romance, magic, and mysteriousness and that's why they make for perfect Bollywood Jazz gems!

Jazz is a music genre that is not a very commercially popular genre in India. Rather it's a luxury that is enjoyed by a certain niche class in our country or it is for someone who really develops an interest in Jazz music. But as Bollywood is famous for taking up things that are only enjoyed by a certain population and end up making it a 'commercially viable' property, hence how could Jazz be barred from it. And that is the reason why Bollywood Jazz gems come into the picture. Because there are only some of the songs that are a perfect mixture of Bollywood and Jazz and deserve a special place in your playlist.

But while we move ahead to mention all these gems, a little bit of background on Jazz music hurts no one, right? It's a music genre that has the roots of its origins in the African-American communities hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, US. In the late 19th and 20th century this genre found its place with its roots in blues and ragtimes. And has ever since been recognized as a major form of musical expression in traditional and popular music. With its growth, it took various other forms combining itself with other musical genres. Some forms are Gypsy Jazz, Cool Jazz, Modal Jazz, Free Jazz, and the list goes on. But while officially Bollywood Jazz is no such thing yet these songs found themselves in a perfect mixture of Jazz and Bollywood. And hence making up for Bollywood Jazz gems that are a total mood.

Kaisi Paheli Zindagani

Sunidhi Chauhan's voice and Rekha's aadayein, could there be a better mixture? This song while finds the perfect balance between its singer and actor it also hits us with its vocals and background music.

Aaiye Meherbaan

The highs and lows of this song alone make it an interesting listen for our ears but the Jodi of Asha Bhosle and Madhubala is the cherry on the top of the cake.

Dil Ko Hazar Baar

This is an erotic song with a feel of retro which is formed from a perfect mix of jazz and cabaret. And Alisha Chinoy's voice adds up mysteriousness to this song.

Babuji Dheere Chalna

If life lessons are taught by such a song that who wouldn't want to listen right? Geeta Dutt with her intoxicated voice and Shakila with her breathtaking presence just heightens this already gem of a song with lesson-learning lyrics.

Neeyat Kharabh Hai

Set in the backdrop of people playing cards and gambling, this song alone creates a whole mood of a bluff master. With the perfect balance between lyrics and beats, and everyone onscreen this song is perfect for its film title.


This melody is the poster song for romance, its lyrics, and composition with its mellow yet peppy background music is what makes it sacred just like the meaning of the word 'Hosanna'.


This song is a perfect explainer of its protagonist, her motives, and the entire movie 7 Khoon Maaf, how? Just as the lyrics and the composition of the song hides a dual meaning same way Priyanka Chopra's characters also hides behind chere's. And the song being sung by Rekha Bharadwaj and Usha Uthup gives a whole dimension and depth to the song as well as energy.

Muskaanein Jhooti Hai

This song is another example of how a song can be true to its film's Kahani. This song with its devilish touch in Suman Sridhar's voice and slow haunting mellow tone with smooth flowing lyrics says everything that the movie is trying to say. This hauntingly beautiful song is also quite a mood to listen to.


Actually, the line from this song best describes the mood this song creates, 'Jee li Umar sari ek pal mein, much bhi nhi ab mere kal mein...' and my god Aishwarya Rai. With its lyrics and composition, this song is a mood for life.

Mohabbat Buri Bimari

The right mixture of sensuousness and pizzaz created in this song by Amit Trivedi is what makes this song a catchy yet dreamy ride. And the dance number, uff!

Roop Tera Mastana

This classic song is wildly popular and rightly so. Cause this song with its composition and lyrics strikes a perfect balance of romantic and sensuousness.


Girls Like To Swing

If girls could dedicate along that says everything that they have been trying to explain for so long, then this would be perfect for it. And with Anushka and Priyanka performing in this funky upbeat number make you want to dance to its tunes too.

Honorary Mentions: Gore Gore O Banke Chhore, Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu, Dil Deke Dekho, Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si

One thing you'll agree with us in relation to these songs is that they are sensuous, playful, erotic, and mysterious yet they know they never cross the boundary and become vulgar and boring. They keep the sensuousness and mysteriousness of the Jazz intact while bringing the playfulness of Bollywood to make them alive.

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