These strong female characters in Indian web series are giving us massive goals

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strong female characters in Indian web series

From dealing with the world to being complex yet relatable, these strong female characters in the Indian web series are showing us what it's like to live life on your terms!

Weren't we all tired of watching Naagin, and the same old saas-bahu drama which wasn't even close to reality? The idea alone of a badass woman often moves in an unrealistic direction like whenever a powerful woman's character was introduced earlier, she's shown as a rebel rather than mature or as an anti-hero who's destroying lives. But with the boom of OTT platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and so many more, empowering stories have emerged over the last few years giving a platform to strong female characters in Indian web series. Today, we have female characters that aren't just strong, bold, and sassy but are playing the role of a woman in her true essence. This makes it easy for the audience to relate to roles like these. These fictitious characters are going beyond the conventional notions of being the "ideal woman".

Being strong and respecting herself is what a real-life badass woman does every day. But that's not the image we got to see earlier. And while we are finally depicting "real women", appreciating these characters is a must. So if you're looking for strong female characters that portray women in a more relatable way, carry on the binge-watch culture with these beauties! While some will inspire you and push the boundaries, others will show how “dark” a woman can be. There is something different to offer in each of these characters and that's probably why we love these new-age female characters.

You'd love watching these strong female characters in Indian web series!

Raji and Suchi– The Family Man 2 (Amazon Prime Video)
DCP Vartika Chaturvedi and Neeti – Delhi Crime (Netflix)
Aarya Sareen – Aarya (Disney+ Hotstar)
Tara Khanna – Made In Heaven (Amazon Prime Video)
Anjali Mathur – Sacred Games (Netflix)
Tanya – Permanent Roommates (TVF)
Beena Tripathi and Golu – Mirzapur (Amazon Prime Video)
Lata – A Suitable Boy (Netflix)
Manju Devi (Pradhan) – Panchayat (Amazon Prime Video)
Shanti Mishra and Bittu ki Mummy Gullak (SonyLIV)
Kavya – Little Things (Netflix)
Tara – Baked (YouTube)
Pushapavalli Pushapavalli (Amazon Prime Video)

Dimple Ahuja – Mismatched (Netflix)

Anjana, Damini, Siddhi, and Umang Four More Shots Please! (Amazon Prime Video)
Ananya, Sanjana, Nazia, and Shonali – The Trip (YouTube)
Zahira, Mili, Richa, and Jo Girls Hostel (Netflix)
Fatima, Ayesha, Rani and Lily Bomaby Begums (Netflix)

What does being a strong woman mean? Someone who is simply not afraid of being herself in all circumstances. She can be someone who fights for justice, stands up for what's right, or loves and enjoys sex way more than a patriarchal and judgemental society expects her to or she could simply be someone who enjoys being herself.

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