We’ve all been inspired and looked up to someone in our lives! Today we have some young creators talking about who their inspiration is

There are a lot of people in our lives who inspire us in ways we don’t even know! Some just for their sheer strength and some for what they have achieved in their life. Well, I have always looked up to Priyanka Chopra for her confidence and the way she carries herself is absolutely stunning. I mean what she’s achieved is something we all can’t! Living in an unknown country and making an identity is and conquering everything so remarkably is something that I really admire. No doubt, we all are surrounded by people who not only inspire us but also teach us so many beautiful lessons of life and thus become inspirational figures for us. Talking about inspiration or motivation we have some young creators who are absolutely killing it in the world of social media and while they were inspiring us by showcasing some of their talents we asked them who their inspiration is. I can’t wait to read it!

Here’s what they said:

Kanchi Sharma (@kanchi.sharma)

Nagma is a true inspiration for me, as she does everything with such perfection! Be it dancing with energy every single time or perfecting every trend and putting out the best content. She also motivates me to make more vlogs cause her travel videos and vlogs are so fun and literally anything she does is just perfect and makes you want to try it too! I had another person it would be Divija popularly known as ‘awkward goat’! She puts out content that the world needs to see and spreads so much awareness and I love that about her!”

Ankita Sahigal (@sahigla.ankita)

“I personally love Shibani Bedi because she’s so versatile and beautiful and there’s so much to learn from her, she’s so relatable and effortless. Even when I was not into content creation and doing scripting it was so much fun to write for her. Shibani is someone I have always looked up to”.

Avanti Nagral (@avantinagral)

“I have always been inspired by my wonderful friend Sakshi Shivdasani because she is so unapologetically herself. I mean the way she carries herself is something that I really admire about her”.

Shreyas Mendiratta (@shreyasmendiratta)

“Being a newbie to this world, I like to take inspiration from almost every creator around me. Even those who started after me, or those who are yet to achieve bigger visibility on social media platforms. However, Bhuvan Bam would be one youth creator who never fails to inspire me. On studying his work, I have noticed that his timing of jokes is really good, and he has the skill of writing really good scripts, which keep the audience captivated. I also take inspiration from people outside the social media world like stand-up comedians, musicians, actors, and other people from different walks of life.”

Gunjan Saini (@gunjan_sainii_)

“Someone who inspires me to create more of what I love is Vishnu Kaushal. He is so real that it feels good after looking at his stories and posts.”

Gia Singh (@giasingh03)

“I should say I truly get inspired by Leisha Patidar, her transitions are the best! There’s no one else who carries themselves as well as she does. I just admire the fact that she’s confident in whatever she does”.

Aryaki Joon (@aryakijoon)

“It has to be Emma Chamberlain. After moving for college she became my comfort YouTuber, she taught me how to enjoy my own company. I also love her whole brand and the way she has conducted herself throughout her career especially from the point of creator economy. I absolutely love the adult version of her and she has to be my inspiration when it comes to YouTube.”

Mahir Malhotra (@mahir_malhotra)

“A young creator that I’m really inspired by is Kelly Wakasa. His channel and life moto of “do what excites” really resonates with me. I aspire to reach his level of editing and storytelling soon. I’ve always wanted to show my stories through video content. To know that I’m not the only one who has this passion is always motivating.”

Tell us who your inspiration is in the comments below.

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