10 reasons why Thing on Wednesday on Netflix can be your new favorite thing

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10 reasons why Thing on Wednesday on Netflix can be your new favorite thing

We saw Thing on Wednesday, Jenna Ortega's horror comedy and it's probably the cutest yet scariest thing you can have as your pet.

Having an animal emotional support pet is so 2021 because this year we got to see 'Thing' on Wednesday, Jenna Ortega's horror comedy. Who would have thought that a moving hand would become everyone's favorite thing this year? Netflix's newest, Wednesday created a lot of buzz along with Jenna Ortega's performance and Thing! If you're a dummy who's living under the rock, Thing is a character on the show, in fact, it's just a hand who helps Wednesday in the ups and downs of the show. The fact that it's just a hand and is better at saving our asses than our bestie makes us feel like we deserve better friends! *eye roll*

Ideally 'Thing' was sent by Wednesday's infamous parents, Morticia Addams and Gomez Addams to spy on her but as she-devil as our Wednesday is she became friends with 'Thing'. And let's be honest we know you cried when you saw Wednesday showing the slightest of emotion when 'Thing' was stabbed by a knife and we all thought it was gonna die. Apart from the show, all the actors really pulled off their best acting skills and gave us spookiness with a little touch of comedy. As we eagerly wait for season 2, we came across some moments that made us want 'Thing' to be our pet.

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Check them out!

When it cared!

Thing literally helped Wednesday cover up a scene and that shows how caring it is.


When it was honest!

Thing is better at pulling off truth bombs than your bestie and we all need an honest best friend.


When it played platonic cupid!

When Enid and Wednesday had a quarrel over the stupidest thing, Thing did everything to get them back together.


When it helped plot a murder!

Remember how we joke about killing someone as a joke? Yeah, Thing will do that for you!


When Thing showed up!

I mean come on! It's a hand and it's always gonna be on your shoulder.


When it helped with potential boyfriends!

Too shy to send a letter to your crush? Don't worry Thing will write it and even send it out to them.


When Thing was the best snitch buddy you'll ever get

It can hide, run and snitch your enemies, it has all the bestie qualities our besties never had!


When it helps you do things you've been struggling with!

There will be days when you don't feel like finishing the novel you've been writing for so long and that's okay because Thing knows how to typewrite your book as well!


When Thing saved Wednesday from fake friends!

It might not have eyes but it def has the brains to sense what's up and it will make sure fake friends don't come near you.


When Thing helped solve a mystery

It will wait outside for hours just so you can sneak in and solve the mystery!


What are your thoughts on having a hand as your pet? Let us know in the comments below!

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