Joey Tribbiani is anything but boring, and the way he makes the most of his free time is what all of us should pick up from him!

Joey Tribbiani is one of the coolest characters on-screen. While most of them give us heavy life lessons, Joey is one such ‘friend’ who has taught us how to creatively pass our time. Friends has been an iconic TV show and a safe space for millions of people around the world, and out of the six of them, there will at least be one you can relate to. If you constantly love being funny, you know you’ll fall for Chandler. If you’re a neat freak who also loves cooking, you’ll see yourself in Monica. In the same way, if you don’t take life too seriously and live each day as it is then Joey is your spirit animal.

We all know his love for food and women and how he finds joy in the smallest things. Over the course of 10 seasons, we’ve seen him do the most random things alone or make his friends also be a part of it. These are simple, no-brainers that don’t take much of our energy and yet put a smile on our faces. 

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Check out these silly things Joey has done over the past 10 seasons that we can do to kill time!

Build an entire fort out of cardboard boxes

Repairing your broken fridge is so mainstream, just eat everything in it

Pass around a ball for hours without dropping it

Prank call your friend on a busy weekday

Make a poking device out of chopsticks

Wear literally every clothing item your friend owns just to annoy them

Try to finish drinking a whole carton of milk in 10 seconds

Play Bamboozled

Play Foosball with your friends

Confidently speak a new language, no matter how bad you are it!

Which of these would be your top pick to pass your free time? Let us know in the comments below!

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