There are a bunch of things that every vegetarian get to hear in their life. But we have made a list of common things that they are tired of hearing.

A person turns vegetarian either by their choice or because their family has always observed it. Despite people talking about minding their own business, the ones who do not fall under the majority are often questioned. And no one knows that better than vegetarians.

If you are a vegetarian yourself, you know that being one is not as difficult as the non-vegetarians make it sound. Most of the time it is not even us who is worried about what to eat when out on dinner but them. This debate between the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians goes back to years and they still manage to start a conversation or rather a debate. In the debate, there are a lot of things that are said to a vegetarian that we have made a list of.

Here are things that vegetarians are tired of hearing:

You should try having chicken. How can you hate something you never had? Ek baar khaya toh pyaar ho jayega

Stop calling pulav Veg-biriyani

Plants give us oxygen, how can you eat them?

Tumlog ko paneer ke alava kuch option nhi hota hai

Are you the egg-eating kind of vegetarian?

Eating meat is a part of the life-cycle. You are disturbing it by only eating plants

While ordering “Tu toh paneer hi khayega na toh tujhe kya puchna”

Dude, where do you get your proteins from?

If you are stuck on an island what will you do? You will have to kill and eat something. Tabhi yeh vegetarian vala drama nahi chalega

By not having meat, you are missing out on the greatest pleasures of life

How are you a vegetarian bro? I can never be one. I would die without meat

Being vegetarian is not going to save the animals, you know that right? In fact, you are eating up their food. So rude

Have you always been a vegetarian or is it because you are trying to lose weight?

Your life is so boring, you might be only having salads na?

I once tried being a vegetarian and…

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