Netizens Are Sharing #ThingsWeShouldCancel And It Doesn't Get More Real

Priyanka Parmar
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Twitterati shared their thoughts on #ThingsWeShouldCancel and it got very real very quick.

Internet is an amusing place, sometimes it brings us anxiety, stress, vanity and other issues. But it is also growing and evolving every second with just as much positivity, encouragement, humour and self-love outlets available online. Our virtual world has become a huge part of our routine and can't be separated from our lives. Every day it makes us face realities and makes us more aware of the pace at which the world around us is changing. We've all wanted to do something to change things at some point, probably feel that way each passing day. Being a netizen gives us the opportunity to voice our opinions and thoughts on things that we feel passionately about. Today, Twitterati chose to use this freedom to share their thoughts on another interesting topic. Hundreds of Tweets started flooding in after the Twitter handle @hashtagroundup asked their followers to share things they would like to change.

Check out these #ThingsWeShouldCancel tweets:

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Then there were some who didn't agree with it and wanted to cancel the cancel culture

What according to you are the #ThingsWeShouldCancel or do you agree with cancelling the cancel culture?

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