This Is Us season 5 is finally out and fans can’t keep calm. They shared their reactions before the season premiered and we share the same excitement.

Fans know this already that if there is any family that can make us cry apart from our own family, it is the Pearson family. The family with a super dad who gave every dad someone to look up to and siblings who love and fight with each other just like us in RL and a mother cares too much for her kids than her own issues, This Is Us is a one-stop show of all kinds of emotions. The last season saw a bittersweet point between the brothers as they shared some heavy words against each other. It also left us wondering what This Is Us season 5 would have in store.

The fans’ anticipation finally came to an end when the fifth and final season of the show premiered on Wednesday. NBC aired its 2-hour long premier releasing 2 episodes on its OTT platform as well. The show is an emotional rollercoaster that leaves even the toughest souls crying.

Take a look:

Check out fan-reactions to This Is Us season 5:

The This Is Us season 5 is now streaming on DisneyPlus Hotstar.

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