The 'Thor: Love and Thunder' teaser is about a quest for peace, gods, guardians, and strong arms!

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Thor: Love and Thunder teaser

The sun finally shined on us with the release of Marvel's much-awaited Thor: Love and Thunder teaser. The movie is set to release on July 8, 2022, and we can't keep calm!

Guess who's back, once again! It's Pointbreak aka the God of Thunder aka Thor and his new friends from the galaxy. After what seems like an eternity, Marvel dropped the Thor: Love and Thunder teaser trailer of the Norse God's fourth solo movie, and fans are super elated. Taika Waititi is back after giving the fans a completely new take on the Thor franchise. Ragnarok was one of the few Marvel projects that changed the way superhero movies were presented in the MCU. And when the fourth movie was announced at the comic-con in 2019, Taika said that it will be something just like Thor Ragnarok, but better.

Fans have been having a blast this past couple of months since the success of Spiderman: No Way Home and the excitement to watch Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness. Apart from the big screen, Marvel is also conquering the small screen with its new superhero, Moon Knight. This teaser release came as a cherry on top for those who were forced to wait for so long because of the delay due to the pandemic.

Even though the teaser only shows a part of what we can expect from the movie, like every other MCU trailer, the Thor: Love and Thunder teaser has a bunch of easter eggs. It starts off by giving us a glimpse of the classic Thor from the comics to our pre-endgame Thor. Speaking of Endgame, we know that a majority of the Phase 4 movies will continue to have its impact and this movie is no different. The last time we saw Thor, he was in a bad shape, physically and mentally. With Love and Thunder, we will get to watch him heal as he works out, donning an outfit that looks similar to what Forrest Gump wore when he went running.

Watch the teaser here:

The new movie is a star-studded affair with some of our favorites making a comeback and some new characters (old for the comic world) joining the phase 4 madness. Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth) will be dealing with his new reality with his Guardian friends, Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Nebula (Karen Gillan), Drax (Dave Batista), and Mantis (Pom Klementieff). Apart from that, we get a glimpse of Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) dealing with the administrative duties in New Asgard as Taika Waititi's, Korg will also be joining Thor in his venture. Another character who will be returning to the film will be Lady Sif (Jaime Alexander). Among all these characters, one that everyone is eagerly waiting to see is Natalie Portman who will be bringing in new surprises as she will be the one wielding Mjolnir.

The new character who will be making their debut in MCU will be Russell Crowe and Christine Bale. Crowe will appear as the Greek God Zeus and we get a small glimpse of him in the teaser. Bale will be playing Gorr, The God Butcher, the villain who is on a mission to fight Gods in this film. Even though we have no idea what role Matt Damon will be playing, he's another actor who will make an appearance in this one! He had last appeared in Thor Ragnarok playing Loki as part of a play in the movie and we cannot wait to see what the makers have in store for him in this film.

Natalie and her arms need to be appreciated here! Although we get to see her in her Lady Thor avatar for a split sec, her arms manage to steal the show. And we cannot wait to see how her version of Thor and her strong arms play out.

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