We made a list of 13 common thoughts while running that popped into our minds as we tried to catch our breath.

You would be lying if you said that ‘wanting to follow a healthy lifestyle’ never crossed your mind. Most of our 3 am brainstorming sessions with ourselves leave us wondering about our life choices. One of them is waking up early in the morning and going for a jog. While most of us just leave it there, there are some who actually decide to take the step and go on runs. This instant decision to get themselves off the bed and go around the block sounds so motivational and frankly, we don’t know how they do it! The few times we’ve tried running, these thoughts have crossed our minds and it’s hard to stop and not think about them.

Apart from the fact that we end up running alone, the sheer amount of physical movement that goes into it only makes our minds scream the weirdest thought. These thoughts come from a place of not wanting to run and also wanting to stay fit, and no matter how much we try, we cannot ignore them.

Check them out!

This is so much better than running away from my problems!

Wait, did that person just run past me? Are they trying to overtake me?

Woah, I wasn’t even running for 10 mins and I am already tried.

Seriously, whose idea was this? Why am I doing this to myself?

Oh shit! Did I just zone out mid-run?

I wonder if people will notice if I fart while running? Probably not.

Am I looking weird while running?

Wait, what do I do with my hands?

Huh, I shouldn’t be playing Arjit Singh songs while running. Now I’m sad!

Okay, I am totally finishing up last night’s pizza after this run. I deserve it!

God damn it, I’m sweating like I ran to Spain!

Oh! there’s a cute guy. I hope he can’t hear me wheezing!

If I jump over the stone while running, is it parkour? It’s definitely parkour.

What thoughts pop up in your mind when you’re running? Tell us in the comments below!

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