Missing take-out meals in lockdown? Take a look at these TikTok cooking videos that serve as the apt alternative with recipes one can try at home.

When we were informed about the lockdown, little did we know that the excitement would drop down to zero! Especially for all the bachelors who are now all by themselves. It is a fact that one of the most difficult tasks is cooking food and now that you can’t go out with our friends, cooking food is the only option. Not that delivery has stopped, but why make a person travel in this time of lockdown so you can have your food, right? Well, one thing that the millennials and the GEN Z are every keen and ardent fan of is TikTok videos. And in this time of isolation, there are many who are posting easy food videos that one can try at home. We have made a list of these TikTok cooking videos to help you keep your meals interesting.

Have a look at these TikTok cooking videos and let the Chef within take over:

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Do you plan on trying any of these recipes from the quarantine cookbook?