TikTok videos and challenges and of the week that one can recreate this quarantine period

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Have a look at all the TikTok videos and challenges of the week that one can re-create during this quarantine period.

This recent virus outbreak is making it difficult for us, as we are forced to live in quarantine. While many of us are working from home (which BTW makes it even worse), many others are idle. It is also a time when even Netflix and Chill becomes boring after a point. We are all looking for other things that we can do and entertain ourselves. Among doodling, reading a book, fitness, etc one thing that we all love is making TikTok videos or at least watching them. There have been a number of challenges and videos that trended this week on TikTok that one can recreate with their families.

Check out these TikTok videos that you can make with your families:

Home Fitness

safe hands

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dont laugh challenge


shoe challenge


Indian dance

Which is your favourite trend?

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