Us desi folks know how to be vocal about what we think. Sadly, some people don’t understand the delicate balance of knowing when to speak and when to, respectfully, shut up. So, here’s a list of some instances where we’re sure you’ve wanted to say, Khamosh, to a babbling idiot too

The whole experience of watching The Quiet Place was scary, wasn’t it? Because the idea of having to keep quiet for almost the whole of one’s life seems quite unsettling. But quite often, humans make us want to experience that world where we wish some people could just shut up. It may not always be possible to do so but it is definitely exciting to think of such a time where we could just say Khamosh to people who spread negativity, hate, or just annoy everyone around with their words.

It’s not just our relatives but also the strangers online that we never have met in person. People love giving out advice and opinions for free and many times we wish we could just ask them to shut up. We have curated a list of such instances that we face in our life when we wish we could say Khamosh to the person.

Instances when we want to tell people to shut up:

Misguided hate comments for people who dare to stand out

When people pass judgement on women for their choice of clothing

When that aunty brings a new marriage proposal at every family gathering

When your possessive boyfriend mentions the people you cannot talk to

When ‘that’ relative hushes you for laughing out too loud in public

When people stare at same-sex couples for holding hands or showing affection

When society asks a boy to be a man and not ‘cry like a girl’

When pados vali aunty judges married women for choosing to work after giving birth

When people judge you for eating less or eating more

What are instances you wish people shut up about? Tell us in the comments below.

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