Our love for ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ knows no bounds and ever since IG Reels became a thing, all we can think about is recreating this song and these Tanzania siblings did exactly that!

Ever since the new version of ‘Tip Tip Barsa’ came out we cannot stop scrolling through IG Reels that have been made on it. The golden saree Katrina wears is one we’ve all loved and let’s admit it, Katrina looks absolutely stunning in the whole song. No wonder people can’t stop emulating her in their Reels. In fact, the song has become popular even internationally and these siblings from Tanzania are proof. These Tik Tok stars, Kili and Neema Paul win hearts with their performance on Tip Tip Barsa.

These siblings have totally taken over the internet by storm. Their recent video is a recreation and has Neema lip-syncing the song and we see Kili dancing to the blockbuster tune as well. The video is fab and we’re totally watching it over and over. They’re completely killing it!

Here’s how they’ve re-created the amazing song!

We’re so in love with their performances! Tell us how you liked the video in the comments below.

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