Min Yoongi, who goes by his stage name Suga and is also known by his alter ego, Agust D, is one of the most prominent figures in the K-Pop industry and here’s celebrating his phenomenal legacy of music on his 30th birthday!

Dear Suga,

We all know you’ve been writing lyrics and making melodies since you were in school, so your relationship with music started very early on and it was probably love at first sight for you! It was because of these efforts that you put in from such a young age that today, 10 years after your debut as a K-Pop idol, you have more than 200 songwriting credits to your name and on top of that you even became a grammy nominated producer this year!

In the initial years, you didn’t really express your emotions through daily gestures, but the songs that you wrote spoke volumes about how you felt on the inside. Be it how realistically you expressed about feeling lonely in Whalien 52 where you used the life of a whale as a metaphor for how you feel when you’re alone. Or how in I’m Fine you expressed that you no longer need someone else to save you cause you’re fine. The way you were so honest about your hardships and the thoughts you’ve had as a young artist has resonated with so many of us and made us feel like there’s someone out there who understands how we feel. Stay Alive, My Universe, Interlude: Shadow and all three parts of Cypher, will always remain some of your most notable works around the world and be proof of how good you are at what you do.

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But no matter how many times people say you have a tough or rather cold exterior. I always knew you were a softie on the inside. I could melt at the sight of your gummy smile. This second chapter of BTS where, after 10 years you’ve become more comfortable with showing a side of you that we’re not really used to is super refreshing to watch. And that’s exactly why you’re the bias wrecker for 90% of the fandom today and have everyone screaming ‘Yoongi Marry Me’ at concerts or weverse lives. Your talk show Suchwita, where I’ve seen you speak about how you think kids should be treated by their parents, or the thoughts you have as a solo artist or your 10 year journey as a K-pop idol is the most heartwarming thing to watch. I could watch you talk all day because you give me soup for the soul vibes. Never in my life would I have thought you would be posting such hot pictures on Instagram, or sharing videos where you’re playing the piano looking like you’re the main character of a romantic movie. Everything about you is so perfect. 

You’re the most adorable when you can’t say no to your fellow members and just let them be  and do whatever they want around you. You give them courage to do everything they want, I have seen you give them some of the best advice and above all, I love it when the kid inside you comes out when you’re hanging out with them or shooting for Run BTS. You’re so effortlessly funny and sassy especially when your Daegu satoori kicks in.

Coming to your mixtape, D-2 which will now be heard by millions of people live when you go on tour. The whole album of course is an absolute masterpiece. Daechwita can never get old no matter how many times I hear it. Your dense voice while rapping is probably the hottest thing about you. Your song, Moonlight is another favorite from your mixtape. It’s where you show the contrast that lives inside your head. The way you say that on some days the lyrics just keep coming out of you but on some days you’re just stuck. And that comforted me as a writer too. Lucky are the ones who’ll get to see you perform this. 

I’m sorry but I cannot conclude this article without talking about your long hair era. You’ve looked undeniably gorgeous in every single picture, video, or any piece of content posted. You said you feel more confident about yourself and it shows. You look much more at ease and more open to experimenting stuff you haven’t done before. Be it your looks, your style, your songs or your talk show, the glow up is real and we’re here for it Min Yoongi! After yesterday’s live I realized that you’re a dancer, rapper, songwriter, producer, you play the piano, you can play the guitar and now you’ve learnt how to sing, I mean there’s literally nothing you can’t do!

So, Happiest Birthday to the living legend who is so loved by the whole world! I hope you always keep doing what you love, and keep giving us exemplary music to listen to. There’s so much we have to look forward to together as Army and BTS!

With Lots of Love,

Yoongi Marry Me

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