You can virtually support Indian athletes at Tokyo Paralympics via social media with ease by using hashtags like #Cheer4India, #Praise4Para and more.

The Indian contingent at the Tokyo Paralympics has brought home 7 medals in the last 24 hours, creating a flurry of excitement on social media. Given the extensive network of government authorities and the undercurrent of trends on Twitter, the platform has proved to be a strong facilitator of conversations around the games. Instagram too is being used to share visuals in real-time. Irrespective of where you are, you can keep tabs on the action using hashtags and following certain accounts.

You can follow these accounts for some live action!

If you’re looking to follow the live-action as it unfolds at Tokyo Paralympics, Twitter could be a great tool for you. You can also follow accounts representing the Sports Authority of India and the Paralympic Committee of India to check out the latest updates and video clips of things happening at the Paralympics. Several news outlets like Doordarshan Sports are super active with live content and updates.

You can use hashtags to participate in conversations!

Some of the hashtags you can follow and use to add to the conversations around Paralympics are #Praise4Para, #Cheer4India, #Tokyo2020, and #Paralympics. These hashtags are being used by accounts that are documenting real-time action as well as those sharing opinions and wishes. They are a good repository for all you need to know about the games, the rules, and the winners.

Government accounts to follow for information:

Right from politicians to government authorities, everyone is taking it up online to support the athletes representing India at Tokyo Paralympics. Since most of them have blue tick accounts and a huge following, the resulting traction is helping athletes and their sport gain attention and applause. Video snippets of their winning and medal receiving moments are being shared to the hilt this way.

Camaraderie to watch as it unfolds online!

Various previous Olympic winners and sportspersons with a huge following are using social media to congratulate this year’s winners, mirroring the sentiments of the nation. These tweets and posts add an additional layer of value to the overall conversations as they come from a space of personal camaraderie among fellow sportspersons, from those who have either been there or aspire to be there at the Olympics.

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