Kpop fans call out Tony Kakkar’s Booty Shake for plagiarism and copying the music videos of Blackpink and BTS.

Tony Kakkar is one of India’s singers belonging to the younger generation. He has produced and created a number of songs that have been received widely by the fans across the country. Despite them getting millions of views, his songs have also been criticized online. Among these songs, Tony Kakkar’s Booty Shake became the latest to receive backlash.

The backlash came from Kpop fans. These fans called out the singer for copying the music videos of popular Kpop bands like Blackpink and BTS. They shared various screenshots comparing the two videos stating how the Indian singer plagiarized the sets from the popular music videos. Netizens pointed out how Tony’s songs look bizarrely similar to Blackpink’s Ice-Cream featuring International singer, Selena Gomez. From the sets to the background dancer’s costumes, everything is a mirror.

He was also called out for his song, Shona Shona, featuring Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill for being a rip-off of B1A4’s Like A Movie and IZ*ONE’s Beware. The production and the singer, however, gave due credits for the set design in the video description.

Here are some tweets on the same:

Here’s how Shona Shona was called out:

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