Joker Folie à Deux trailer: Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga as Joker and Harley leave you waiting for the film!

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Joker Folie à Deux's trailer

Joker Folie à Deux's trailer

Joker Folie à Deux's trailer, with its beautiful musical ballad style, delves further into Joker's maddening ride and his infamous love story with Harley Quinn. 

Joker Folie à Deux trailer: The genius of Joker, the film, was that it tried to explain the psyche and give emotional depth to this villain in Batman because his personality often left people increasingly curious each time. He finally got his due credit with this film. And if anything, Joker Folie à Deux will be doing more of the same by taking us through the melodious, colorful, equally crazy and infamous love story of Joker and Harley Quinn

Joaquin Phoenix returns as Arthur Fleck, the standup comedian turned dangerous criminal who is now spending his time in Arkham Asylum. He is assigned to be treated by Dr Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist played by Lady Gaga. The issue is that while treating him, she falls in love with him and turns into his accomplice - Harley Quinn. If the first part of Joker offered a medical condition and a tragic comedy reference to make sense of Arthur turning into Joker, this one is attempting to understand this love story as a psychiatric condition as the title of the film refers to a mental illness in which two people in a close relationship share a delusional belief or sometimes hallucinations.

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Can a devoid/lonely life lead to fascination with a person only to lead to obsession? This is the question the Joker Folie à Deux trailer poses with its exceptional frames filled with the perfect balance of colors. Each part of the trailer etches your mind, leaving you wanting more especially that last part where Phoenix's smile fits the lipstick mark made on glass by Gaga. 

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